First, thank you for stopping by our website!

At Lifetime-Ads we value the time and energy it takes for you to advertise your business. We also know that it is tough to get good quality ad views of your products and services because not all marketers will click on the links you send them. They will not open their emails. They may or may not even accept your invites to get a free product or service. Online marketing is very competitve! And if you do not have the right place to advertise then your results will be very minimal.

So what we did was narrow that gap for you because we made sure that your ads are seen by our countless number of members we have here at Lifetime-Ads. Everytime a member logs into their account to withdraw their commissions, change their ads, check their stats, update any information, they are shown a login ad. They will see your ad without being able to click away from it for a period of 25 (now 35) seconds. This gives your ad plenty of time to load and capture the eyes of a potential prospect eager to buy your product or service.

With LTA you do not have to do endless clicking to build up your credits and then be out of ad views in less than 24 hours. When you join our site today, you will receive 1 Million Credits for a one time payment of $15. This ensures you quality ad views for months.

Run out of credits after initial purchase?

No worries! You will get another 1 Million credits for free. When we say this is a lifetime membership with a one time fee, that is exactly what we mean.



LTA has one on one coaching for the life of your membership. Teach, coach, and train your network to follow your footsteps. Never go without money ever again. The best part is you earn from every sale in your network down 10 levels when you invite others to enjoy advertising on our platform. No Pass ups!!

What exactly is Lifetime-ads.com?

Lifetime-ads.com is a very simple login ad site of advertising that focuses on quality ad views for our members programs. It pays our members down 10 levels to build a viral income as well as viral list building. We are focused on giving our members the ultimate way to earn a very prosperous financial living through the sales of our advertising services and receiving one on one coaching. Basically every member works for each other instead of working just for themselves or for us. This simple system doesn't just earn your money, it accumulates!


There is no such thing as too much advertising! With Lifetime-Ads you are getting a lifetime service because we will never delete your ads even when you discontinue service. As long as you have ad credits to apply, your ad will always be in rotation. Bringing you quality visits to your website product or service. Your Ads will get top notch attention when posted on our platform. As an active member, there will not be a day that goes by that your ad will not been seen.



How Much Money Can/Will I Make?

With this system you are in a position to earn a substantial amount of income. Although we can't put a direct number on what you will make because it still depends on each individuals experience, drive, and determination as to the true amount of money you will make. We have made every attempt to try to assist your efforts in earning by providing you with multiple ways to receive sales working as a group instead of every salesperson for themselves. Our team build will also play a major role in your growth as we advertise your link on a master rotator that we send out to our own personal advertising channels. For your convienence we have included a compensation chart to give you an idea of potential income that can be made. See Compensation Chart Here

The only way that you will not earn with this program is if you never join and purchase your advertising membership with 1 Million ad credits for a very low one time $15.00. A price anyone can afford!