Compensation Chart




The Figure above is an illustration of potential income here at Lifetime-Ads. What makes this particular commissions chart powerful is that every member helps build the network with the sales of advertising space and one on one coaching from upline. No matter who sales on what level, the upline members are being paid for their level they have achieved and for their coaching tips and tricks that they will provide. (It also gives sponsors a chance to advertise their own programs through viral communications).  The number of sales represents how many sales you made to new members. And as you move down in the levels you see potential income if each member sales to at least 5 new members as well.

Lets look at figure 1.1. We are going to go on the assumption that each member of this network sold to only 5 new members down 10 levels. The grand total  income would be in column 5. Those members who dedicate themselves to growing a powerful network will be the ones to thrive off of the many levels of earnings that are here.

For just a one time payment of $15.00 you will be paid from numerous levels of income from your entire network for life. Here is an example of what we mean.

You referred Mike , Jill , and Sue for your first level of earning. Giving you $1 per person ($3) Now Mike has built his entire network down to 4 levels which total 300 sales. Jill built her network to 250 and Sue built her network to 450. You will get paid $1 X 1000 members  and all YOU did was refer 3 people.

To explain a little more, let's look at it a different way using the same numbers for each person. Mike is on your level 2 who referred Jill, Jill is on your level 3 who referred Sue, and Sue is on your level 4.

You, Mike, Jill and Sue will earn $450 each from Sue's effort. You, Mike, and Jill will earn $250 each from Jill's effort. And You and Mike would earn $300 from Mike's effort. And you being the top person, you earn from everyone. This is just an example of how powerful our affiliate program is and shows why building your team will be a great benefit and a major reason to advertise hard. (No Spamming!)

A very simple plan to run away with some very easy money!