First, thank you for stopping by our website! Inside is the key to a lifetime of wealth and happiness. We will show you how to take a very small budget of advertising cost for your lifetime-ads website and turn it into a lucrative online business that will put your income, listbuilding, and networking on pure autopilot. Come live the ultimate AMERICAN dream of earning income doing little next to nothing. You only have to do some very simple task, listed inside the members area, that will begin your earnings process.


What is Lifetime-ads.com?

Lifetime-ads.com is a simple site of advertising with a 100% Revenue share. We are focused on giving our members the ultimate way to earn a very properous financial living through the sales of our advertising services. Basically every member works for each other instead of working just for themselves or for us. This simple feature is the greatest benefit of the site because it let's every member earn recurring income every month. It doesn't just recur, it accumulates!


Why do we give 100% revenue back to members?

Too many times marketers fail at earning a decent living online. Not because of a lack of trying, but because of a weak upline support system that do not communicate with team members, scams, greed, or just not knowing how to advertise.

Most admins and guru's think about the money they can get from marketers while we focus on money we can make FOR marketers. By us giving 100% of the revenue back to our members from their advertising purchases, they learn to take pride in having and developing a true network of earning. United together and building wealth together is a very powerful tool and service when you have the right product. We are dedicated to our members success. Not only do we give all the revenue back to all the members, we also teach them optional ways of how to expand their business to include multiple streams of income.



Why become a member of Lifetime-Ads.com?

There is no such thing as too much advertising! With Lifetime-Ads you are getting a lifetime service because we will never delete your ads even when you discontinue service. If you have ad view credits applied, which is where your monthly subscription plays a part, your ad will always be in rotation. Bringing you quality visits to your website product or service. Your Ads will get top notch attention when posted on our platform. As an active member, there will not be a day that goes by that your ad will not been seen.




How Much Money Can/Will I Make?

With this system you are in a position to earn a substantial amount of income. Although we can't put a direct number on what you will make because it still depends on each individuals experience, drive, and determination as to the true amount of money you will make (disclaimer). We have made every attempt to try to assist your efforts in earning by providing you with multiple ways to receive sales working as a group instead of every salesperson for themselves. We have included a compensation chart to give you an idea of potential income that can be made. See Compensation Chart Here

The only way that you will not earn with this program is if you never join and purchase your monthly advertising subscription for a very low $6.50 per month. Which is equivalent to $.22cents per day. A price even a child could afford!








Earnings Disclaimer: As with any business, your results may vary, and will be based on your individual capacity, business experience, expertise, and level of desire to earn. Our Money Guarantee and any aforementioned earnings are based on individual performances to include the 100% revenue share from all advertising sales. Each individual’s success depends solely on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation to use, comprehend, and apply our sales structure.  We also advise reading our Terms of Service before continuing registration.

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