Compensation Chart





The Figure above is an illustration of potential income here at Lifetime-Ads. What makes this particular commissions chart powerful is that every member helps build the network with the sales of advertising space. No matter who sales on what level, 100% of the revenue (minus the cost of payment processor) is distributed within the network.  The number of sales represents how many sales you made to new members. And as you move down in the levels you see potential income if each member sales to at least 5 new members in which we assist those efforts.

For example, Maggie makes an advertising subscription sale on Level 8 for $6.50. $1.50 is for payment processing and every month this member uses our ad space service, $5 is divided up between 10 levels of active pro members, $.50 per level.

We all know that every member that join this type of compensation plan always has a problem recruiting. It has been like that for years. UNTIL NOW! Lifetime-ads instituted the force spillover and Spillunder in order to bridge the gap on members who need help advertising or lose a member for whatever reason. When you have multiple members feeding the same sales funnel you end up with members who do not normally receive referrals, end up building powerful networks. Our goal is to have every member earning positive cash flow within our platform by selling Ad Space to new members.

A very simple plan to earn some very simple income!